The Book

Lavish Your Lover is a FUN and intimate book. Please do everything in your ability to keep it that way. If you find yourself becoming stressed out, you have defeated the purpose of this book! Enjoy this new and creative way to learn about each other and what feels good.

This book has been carefully organized to replicate one of my choreographed massage therapy treatments. That said, I welcome you to open to the section that presents the portion(s) of the body you wish to work on. For instance, if your partner would like some back work, please go directly to that section.

You’ll learn 29 soothing strokes …

Micro Scalp Compression

Earlobe Squeezes 

Face and Temple Massage

Third Eye Massage

Eyebrow Rolling

Chest W’s 

Gentle Neck Sweep

Arm Milking

Arm Figure Eights

Palm Hearts

Finger Milking

Blooming Daisies

Thigh Push-Pulls

Knee Circles

Leg Milking (Front)

Kneading Dough

Back Push-Pulls

Back Figure Eights


Skin Rolling 

The Rake

Rump Rainbows 

Leg Milking (Back)

Heel Circles 

Knuckle Compression of the Feet

Milking the Toes 

10,000 Hands

Closing After the Massage 

Gentle Body Squeezes (Over Sheets)

Gentle Body Rake (Over Sheets)

Also, each stroke has a place to take notes. You and your partner might wish to write notes about preferences in different colors, or even have one book for one partner, and a separate book for the other partner. Another option would be keeping a notebook handy to write comments on the different aspects of the massage. You can do this after the session so you don’t disturb the flow of the experience.