Preparing For Your Massage

Happy Couple1. Both Giver and Receiver: Eat a meal (if possible) within the hour. If you are unable to eat a meal, eat something with protein (nuts, yogurt, cheese). Some people experience light-headedness during a massage when they do not eat.

2. Receiver: Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water if possible. Massage work increases blood flow to tense muscles. These muscles hold toxins and lactic acid. If the body is not hydrated, the treatment may feel more painful vs. relaxing. In addition, drinking water is required afterwards to help flush the body of toxins that will be released during the treatment. Not doing so might leave a person feeling fatigued or achy.

3. Receiver: Limit caffeine before and after the massage. Caffeine will increase tenderness of the body, as well as de-hydrate the body. Do not skip caffeine altogether if you drink it regularly, as this may cause a withdrawal headache. Merely limit your consumption to as little as possible, with-out experiencing any discomfort.

4. Receiver: Absolutely no alcohol or any other narcotic drugs should be consumed within 24 hours of the treatment.



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