Oils vs. Lotions

Massage lotion is much less messy than oil, which can drip and run. Oil doesn’t need the same amount of warming but should still be at room temperature. The most important thing to remember is to warm up the oil or lotion in your hands before applying to your partner. Spritz some lotion or oil into […]

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Why Massage Is Important

Massage will help you enhance your life as partners. It helps you:  Create and maintain a loving, comfortable atmosphere in which to spend quality time with one another  Strengthen your communication skills  Assist your partner’s relaxation and good feelings  Save money on massages with professional massage therapists, possibly by reducing the […]

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Preparing For Your Massage

1. Both Giver and Receiver: Eat a meal (if possible) within the hour. If you are unable to eat a meal, eat something with protein (nuts, yogurt, cheese). Some people experience light-headedness during a massage when they do not eat. 2. Receiver: Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water if possible. Massage work […]